Atoms4D RTS Indie Game (Alpha Demo V0.1)


In the midst of the last remnants of an enslaved humanity, only the elders dare speak of the people's feudal lords readying a “final ultimatum”. They say the Ai machines are accelerating in numbers and whisper of apparitions rising from the shadows of the deep eerie wastelands.

Everything hangs in the balance in Atoms4D; an upcoming indie game featuring intense RTS inspired gameplay, open-ended unfolding storylines and an immersive (optional) virtual reality experience for gamers with a Vive/Oculus.

Try out the alpha demo today.

Product Description

Developers Notes:

  • Controls: Keyboard/Mouse or VR/Motion Controller (VR Currently Disabled in Demo)
  • Unlimited resource Activated (Demo Only)
  • Demo (Alpha V0.1). Feedback on Bugs & Ideas is appreciated.

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